Russian Mosin-Nagant M44


This beast is a Russian Mosin-Nagant M44 Carbine, made in 1947.  It chambers the Soviet 7.62x54R cartridge, which is roughly comparable to the .30-06 in power and is the oldest military round still in service today.  This rifle was rather inexpensive, but it's one of my most accurate guns.  Those Communists sure knew how to make a good bolt action, and cheap, too!  Best of all, they never threw anything away, so when the Soviet Union collapsed, they released a stockpile of beatiful firearms that will keep collectors like me entertained for years to come. You may also want to check out the Model 1891, the Model 91/30, the Model 38, and the Model 91/59 if you're interested in collecting. At the current prices of these guns, they serve as a wonderful entry point for someone just getting started on a gun collection. If you don't have one of these great guns yet, by all means buy one the next time you see one.  For more information on these fine guns, I suggest you visit

Interesting Markings:

These markings appear on the barrel where it meets the receiver. The top marking of course is the familiar hammer and sickle. To the left of that is a 'y' in a circle, which indicates the firearm was proof tested. 1947r refers to the year of manufacture. Below that is the serial number (partially blurred out), and finally, the arrow in the triangle signifies that this rifle was produced by the Izhevsk factory.


Caliber 7.62x54R
Barrel Length 20.4"
Overall Length 40" w/bayonet folded, 52.25" extended
Action Type Bolt
Magazine Capacity Fixed, 5 Rounds
Weight 8.5 lbs


Soviet 7.62x54R

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