Century Arms L1A1 Sporter


This is a great gun.  It's a Century Arms L1A1 Sporter rifle, made from surplus inch-pattern parts and fitted to a Metric receiver.  It has a shortened barrel (16.5") and a muzzle brake on it, which I think really improves the appearance of this gun.  This is probably one of the easiest of my semi-autos to clean because all the internal parts have a chrome plating on them, which allows the crud to wipe right off.  This one also has one of Buffer Technologies' recoil buffers installed.


Caliber 7.62x51 NATO
Barrel Length 16.5"
Overall Length 39"
Action Type Gas-operated Semiautomatic
Magazine Capacity Detachable, 20 Rounds


Santa Barbara 7.62x51 NATO

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