Smith & Wesson .22/32 Target Model

Smith & Wesson .22/32 Target Model

This is a beautiful old revolver from Smith & Wesson.  This gun was the first model from S&W to fire the .22LR cartridge. The model got its start in 1910 when a dealer from San Francisco named Phil Bekeart special-ordered 1000 revolvers (according to what I read, he didn't actually get that many, though) chambered in .22LR with 6" barrels and adjustable target sights because he thought they would sell well. The gun is built on the .32 caliber Hand Ejector frame (hence the .22/32 designation), making it a nice gun for accurate work. S&W started production of these revolvers in 1911, and ended production in 1941. This particular model was made sometime prior to 1935, but I'm not sure when. This revolver is superbly balanced and very well made.


Caliber .22LR
Barrel Length 6"
Overall Length 10.5"
Action Type Single Action/Double Action Revolver
Magazine Capacity Revolving Cylinder, 6 Rounds
Weight 23 Oz


(Picture of Aguila SE .22LR)

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