Star Model BM

Star Model BM

This is a Star Model BM, made in 1978.  I bought this gun because it was inexpensive and it felt great in my hand. The gun is basically patterned after the much revered M1911, but in 9x19 instead of .45ACP. This particular gun was issued to the Spanish Civil Guard, and came with the original box.  It shows quite a bit of wear on the outside, but it apparently was shot very little, because the bore and internal parts show little wear.  The trigger on this gun is exceptionally smooth and crisp, and the gun points quite naturally. The major drawback to this gun is the inclusion of a magazine safety, which prevents the gun from being fired if the magazine is removed. Fortunately, however, this feature is easily disabled. This pistol is quite a bit of fun to shoot, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive, reliable 9mm pistol.

Interesting Markings:

This is the box the pistol came in. This is a list of contents printed on the inside of the box, and a note telling the soldier to whom the gun is issued that he is responsible for returning all the issued parts and accessories.
These are the markings on the slide of the pistol.
This is the year of manufacture, stamped into the trigger guard.
This is stamped on the heel of the pistol, indicating that this gun is a Model BM
This is the Spanish proof mark stamped on the slide and frame of the pistol.


Caliber 9x19mm
Barrel Length 3.875"
Overall Length 6.75"
Action Type SA Semiautomatic
Magazine Capacity Detachable, 8 Rounds
Weight 2.1 lbs


(Picture of PMP 115 Grain FMJ)

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