Deutsche Demokratische Republik Pistole M

Deutsche Demokratische Republik Pistole M

This is an East German Makarov pistol, made in 1961 at the Ernst Thaelman Factory.  When these were imported in the early 90's, they were advertised as ex-Stasi (an abbreviation of Staatssicherheits, the East German secret police) guns, but I have no idea whether that's true. Whether it was carried by a Stasi thug or an East German officer, it was probably carried until the fall of the Berlin Wall.  It shoots the 9x18mm cartridge, which is more powerful than the .380ACP, but less powerfull than the 9mm Parabellum.  The trigger is much nicer than my Bulgarian Makarov (not that the Bulgarian has a bad trigger, but they just can't compete with the German machining).  This gun is an interesting piece of Cold War history.

Interesting Markings:

The circle inside the square (next to the safety lever) indicates that this pistol is of East German manufacture. The 61 indicates the year the pistol was made. I'm not sure what the 'a' surrounded by dots means.


Caliber 9x18mm
Barrel Length 3.75"
Overall Length 6.25"
Action Type DA/SA Semiautomatic
Magazine Capacity Detachable, 8 Rounds


(Picture of Russian Surplus 93Gr FMJ)

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