Bulgarian Makarov

Bulgarian Makarov

This is a Bulgarian Makarov pistol.  This little gun was the standard issue sidearm for Bulgarian forces from the early 1950's up until the collapse of the Soviet Union.  It shoots the 9x18mm cartridge, which places the gun in about the same power class as a 9mm Parabellum.  This gun is really fun to shoot, and it came complete with a holster, 2 mags, and 1000 rounds of ammo for less than $200.  You gotta love those former communists for selling us all their weapons so cheap!  The gun is pretty accurate.  The first time I had it out, I was able to put all 8 shots in the 8-ring at 25 yards.

Interesting Markings:

The 10 in the circle indicates that this was made at the Bulgarian military arsenal, known in the Soviet era as "Factory 10."


Caliber 9x18mm
Barrel Length 3.75"
Overall Length 6.25"
Action Type DA/SA Semiautomatic
Magazine Capacity Detachable, 8 Rounds


(Picture of Russian Surplus 93Gr FMJ)

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